Hundreds join pro-vivisection protest


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Hundreds of people marched through Oxford today in support of a medical lab that has been targeted by animal rights activists. The march was the first major demonstration by backers of the planned research on illnesses including cancer, diabetes and heart disease.
Members of the newly formed group Pro-Test said they represented a silent majority that supports research they argue is crucial to making advances against diseases that kill millions of people.
"Animal testing saves lives," their banners and placards said.
The Oxford University lab, which is still under construction and plans to do experiments on animals when it opens, has been at the centre of a major campaign by animal rights activists.
Extremists stalled work on the building in July 2004, when the construction company Montpellier pulled out of the project after its shareholders received threatening letters.
Construction has resumed and Oxford vows the facility will be completed. Security at the building site is tight - the new contractor's name has been kept secret and workers wear facemasks.
Evan Harris MP told the pro-research crowd that intimidation and violence by animal rights activists had undermined the animal rights cause.
"My message to the extremists is that you will never win," he said. "My message to the technicians, the researchers and anyone who carries out biomedical research is that you are heroes, you are underpaid and under pressure, you are underpraised ... We have come here today to praise you."
A few animal rights protesters taunted the marchers from nearby. Police kept the two sides apart.
Lillian Buckner, part of a small group of animal rights protesters near the lab construction site, said the suffering of animals used for medical research "is akin to what it was in the concentration camps ... To say that there is no suffering in those labs is totally untrue."
Animal rights extremists have used intimidation and violence to shut down businesses that provide animals for experiments and to slow the work of institutions that conduct animal testing.
In 2001 masked men with baseball bats attacked the manager of Huntingdon Life Sciences at his home north of London. The company ceased trading on the stock exchange the following year.
Last year, Cambridge University abandoned plans to build Europe's largest primate research lab because of spiralling costs, including the expense of protecting the centre from animal rights activists.
Animal rights groups say the medical tests are unnecessarily cruel, while scientists argue they're crucial for advances that could save many human lives.

abandoned- opuszczony, porzucony
akin (to)- podobny (do)
animal rights- prawa zwierząt
backer- zwolennik
carry out- przeprowadzać, realizować
conduct- przeprowadzać, nadzorować
crucial- ważny, decydujący
diabetes- cukrzyca
facility- budynek użyteczności publicznej
including- włączając, włącznie z
intimidation- zastraszenie
placard- afisz, transparent
pressure- napięcie
primate- ssak z rzędu naczelnych
pull out- wycofywać się
resume- wznawiać, ponawiać
shareholder- akcjonariusz
spiralling- nieustannie wzrastający (o cenach, kosztach itp.)
target- celować w , mierzyć w
taunt- urągac, drwic, szydzić
under construction- w fazie budowy
undermine- podkopywać, przedstawiać w złym świetle
underpraised- niedocenieni
vow- solennie przyrzekać


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