Idiomy angielskie (English idioms)

Angielskie idiomy (English idioms) sprawiają Polakom bardzo wiele trudności. Wynika to z tego, że w języku angielskim idiomy często zawierają odniesienia kulturowe kompletnie różne, niż w polskim. Np. angielskie idiomy związane z alkoholem to zwrot be as sober as a judge (dosłownie "trzeźwy jak sędzia"), podczas gdy po polsku mówi się trzeźwy jak świnia.

Angielskie idiomy często także odwołują się do nieznanych Polakom wydarzeń historycznych, np. zwrot as dead as a dodo (dosłownie "martwy jak dodo") odwołuje się do wymarcia ptaka dodo na Mauritiusie w XVII wieku, o czym w polskich szkołach się raczej nie uczy. Z drugiej strony idiomy takie jak wyszedł jak Zabłocki na mydle z natury rzeczy nie sprawdzą się po przełożeniu dosłownym jako idiomy angielskie.

Dlatego aby poprawnie opanować angielskie idiomy trzeba się ich po prostu nauczyć na pamięć. Pomóc w tym mogą nasze dwie codzienne darmowe lekcje na email: jedna zawierająca angielskie idiomy ogólne (każda lekcja to jeden idiom i tłumaczenie), a druga zawierająca angielskie idiomy biznesowe (analogicznie - każda lekcja to jeden idiom wraz z tłumaczeniem).

Poniżej prezentujemy przykładowe angielskie idiomy i angielskie idiomy biznesowe z naszej listy . By przeczytać więcej, kliknij na wybrany przez siebie dział.

hand an glove (with sb)
Christmas Eve
to swap([i]US[/i]) / to bed and breakfast ([i]UK[/i])
be tired of sb/sth
no admittance
at first appearance
have a black eye
in high/low season
clear away
in the first place
come to aid
be tied up
he is credited with
beat sb to a pulp
slap in the face
you're welcome <I>am</I>.
if you like
cardinal point
shoot one's mouth off <I>pot</I>.
concede defeat
give sb a piece of one's mind
with a vengeance
keep tabs on sb<I> pot</I>.
pick nits <I>pot</I>.
it's beyond my wildest dreams
in all/good conscience
I'm not allowed to smoke
have designs on
to no effect
sweet dreams!
stand on one's own two feet <I>pot</I>.
raise an issue
in the press
in company with
sell sb a bill of goods <I>pot</I>.
in the alloted time
it looks becoming on you
make a bid for sth
after hours
at the latest
vacuum flask
one swallow doesn't make a summer <I>przysł</I>.
beyond/out of reach
take (a) delight in sth
visits by appointment
do sth in one's capacity as
be the apple of one's eye
low company
have sth off pat
on top of each other
bite one's lips
place an order with sb
go too far
go on a binge <I>pot</I>.
bottoms up! <I>bryt</I>. <I>pot</I>.
on the cheap
lose one's mind
case in point
make use of
have pull with sb <I>slang</I>.
when we first met
take the trouble
hard/tough nut to crack <I>pot</I>.
I itched to tell him
beware of the dog!
small change
be pressed for time
set up shop
it's neither here nor there
live in an ivory tower
mention sth in passing
give sb a belting <I>pot</I>.
grit one's teeth
I'm awfully sorry
in principle
by no means
be awake
to say nothing of
get hold of oneself
drink sb under the table
sweat it out <I>pot</I>.
all in due time
be in favo(u)r of
for instance
digital display
stop in one's tracks
bird of prey
bed of roses
on the quiet
from time to time
cupbooard love
keep sb guessing
carry the day
steer clear
give sth a second thought
get the sack <I>pot</I>.
never put a foot wrong
be a drag on sb <I>slang</I>.
close ranks
buy on account
shut up! <I>pot</I>.
make one's appearance
to/by all appearances
fight one's way
that won't break the bank <I>pot</I>.
be no match for
up to the mark
be in league with sb
take sth lying down <I>pot</I>.
commit suicide
be caught in the crossfire
in fashion/out of fashion
presence of mind
measure up to one's expectations
quite a bit <I>pot</I>.
be at home in
be/work to sb's disadvantage
do sth off one's own bat
my imagination failed me
keep open house
bed and breakfast <I>bryt</I>.
with immediate effect
break even
miles from anywhere
it doesn't matter
beauty is only skin deep <I>przesł</I>.
have butterflies (in one's stomach) <I>pot</I>.
leave sb out in the cold <I>pot</I>.
beat sb down
put on airs
lie doggo <I>pot</I>.
begin to see the light
take account of
fire escape
in jeopardy
cut the Gordian knot
bright spark <I>pot</I>.
kick around <I>pot</I>.
tick sb off <I>pot</I>.
blow sb's brain out
before long
make bricks without straw
do the trick <I>pot</I>.
(good) heavens!
live off the backs of sb <I>pot</I>.
change for the better/worse
I guess <I>am</I>.<I> pot</I>.
in the raw <I>pot</I>.
have a bad/guilty conscience
in some/large measure
in the midst of
do oneself justice
bang about/around
by the way
answer back
pass the hat round <I>pot</I>.
path of least resistance
(when you) come to think of it
apply oneself to
he's given up the ghost <I>przen</I>.
tread hard on sb's heels
he's bound to win/come
spring a leak
by/in fits and starts
set one's mind on doing sth
close/not far behind
I can hardly/I can't wait
take (legal) advice
blind spot
strike it rich <I>pot</I>.
stop short
be killed outright
get cold feet
be at one's best
have a way with sb
under arms
gravy train <I>pot</I>.
let off/out steam <I>pot</I>.
be on the air
on the rocks
fall short of sb's expectations
on approval
centre (a)round
cut sb to the quick
to put it briefly
elbow one's way
once in a blue moon <I>pot</I>.
to the/one's fingertips
load of rubbish <I>pot</I>.
be conditional on/upon
there are no flies on him
stand/hold one's ground
see you! <I>pot</I>.
burn one's boats <I>pot</I>.
talk sb's head off <I>pot</I>.
have feet of clay
set one's face against sth
turn the tables on sb
in plain clothes
make way
in any event
listen in
let the dust settle <I>pot</I>.
be at (one's) ease
step/tread on sb's toes <I>przen</I>.
have sb on the string <I>pot</I>.
dismiss a case <I>prawn</I>.
repeat customers
board meeting
brand loyalty
Take over
factory-gate price
bill of lading
content provider
After-sales service
AGM (Annual General Meeting)
back office
blue-collar worker
brown goods
market leader
golden hello
loss leader
USP (unique selling proposition, unique selling point)
product placement
white goods
white-collar worker
to fill/fulfil an order
order processing
white-collar crimes
cash cow
incidental expenses / incidentals
incidental expenses/incidentals
giveaway prices
bull market
pricing policy
break even
make a go of a business
job opening / opening
bar chart
back order
lame duck
lead time
to make a killing
work permit
flexitime / flextime
chain store
sleeping partner
shark repellent / shark repellant
blue chips / blue-chip investments / blue-chip stocks (shares) / alpha stocks / shares
insider dealing / insider trading
to milk sbsth
to take a beating
to sell off
fat cat
to pull off a deal
hard money
starch ratings
one-off deal
dull market
cream puff
to boom
on the back burner / on hold
to fall down on one's job
silver wheelchair
keen competition / stiff competition
to flip
to pull out (of sth)
to go off heavily
armchair research
running shoes / to get one's running shoes / to give sb his / her running shoes
front office
subliminal advertising

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