Test Archives 1

Test Archives 1

Test 1/
The difference between Present Simple and Present Perfect

Choose the right tense for the following sentences:

1. I know / have known Theresa for at least 5 years.

2. How long do you have / have you had this computer?

3. The Johnstons live / have lived in Greensboro since 1994.

4. She says she doesn't know / hasn't known what to do with all that money.

5. This is the first time I taste / I've tasted Japanese food.

Do you want to know more about Present Simple? Click here

Test 2 / Speak, say, tell or talk?

Insert speak, say, tell or talk in their proper forms into the following sentences:

1. I would like to ___________ to/with the manager right now!

2. When was the last time you __________to/with Sylvia?

3. __________ me the truth, how much money did you pay for this outfit?

4. I heard that Monica __________ she was going to look for another job.

5. What did you ___________ to me?

6. Grzegorz always has great jokes to __________.

7. Are you __________ about politics again?

8. Children! Aunt Ruth is here. Please come and ___________ hello to her!

Test 3 / Modal verbs

Insert the correct modal verb into the following sentences:

1. It not be as difficult as we thought, you know?

2. Senator Mears reconsider his opinion on foreign trade.

3. Jason started the fire, he was out of town that night!

4. It's almost 9:30, uncle Jim be arriving any minute now.

5. I come to the meeting last night, I take my mother to her doctor.


Test 4 / "So" or "such"?

Choose so or such for the following sentences:

1. I was so/such disappointed with my team's performance.

2. It was so/such a disappointing match.

3. So/such a beautiful evening, isn't it?

4. I've never sung in front of so/such a big crowd, have you?

5. His story was so/such touching, that I started to cry.  

Test 5 / a few, few, a little, little

Insert "a few - few - a little - little" into the following sentences:

1. The party was a disaster. Very people showed up (to show up = to come)

2. Could I have more of that Indian spice with my soup, please?

3. Only a few months ago I knew very about architecture.

4. Let me give you pieces of advice ...

5. I thought Jason was making more money than that.

Test 6 / Various expressions

Choose the most appropriate expression to complete the following sentences:

1. (Jesli chodzi o) foreign travel, my wife is an expert.

2. (Jezeli o mnie chodzi) , they should put him on trial.

3. You can use my laptop (pod warunkiem, ze) you make sure it doesn't break.

4. (Biorac pod uwage, ze) it's almost May, we should start thinking about summer holidays.

5. (W ostatecznym rozrachunku) love is what counts the most.

Test 7 / Conditionals

Fill in the blank with the correct conditional form:

1. If Sue tonight, we will eat by ourselves.

2. Would you mind if ?

3. We wouldn't have to look for a hotel now if you .

4. If Becky hadn't lent me some money, I in serious trouble last month.

5. If you , don't touch it.

Test 8 / Prepositions

Fill in the blank with the correct preposition:

1. This weekend we are driving the beach.

2. Who are you waiting ?

3. Look (uwazaj!) The car is coming!.

4. Rebecca smiled him and he fell in love in a split of a second.

5. I am not much (nie interesuje sie bardzo) fashion.

6. Please, leave the key the reception (przy wyjezdzie) departure.

7. The Reeves are planning staying here (az do) Sunday.

8. I promised I would finish the translation (w przeciagu) 2 days, and I will keep my word.

9. the time he finally gets here, we will have discussed all the items.

10. Congratulations (z okazji) your award! I am so happy for you!

Test 9 / a-an-the

Fill in the blank with the correct article:

1. He was Australian tourist, but I don't know his name.

2. I owe you apology.

3. If she wasn't honest person, I would have never gotten my money.

4. What time does train arrive?

5. Marcin is HBO fan.

6. What's difference between these two words?

7. Rob would like to buy European car for change.

8. Can I have M&M please? Just one's enough.

9. I wish I could go to bed now, that's how tired I am.

10. Can we please take break now?

Test 10 / Some... / any... / every... / no...

Fill in the blank with the correct word:

1. Would care for hot chocolate?

2. 45,000 people demonstrated in the streets of San Francisco yesterday.

3. Why are you crying, baby? Is wrong?

4. I have never met from Argentina before.

5. I am sorry, sir, she's out of the office right now. Is there I can do for you?

6. They are ready for that comes their way.

7. Not here enjoys heavy metal, so maybe we should turn it down a notch.

8. Does know how to get to Franklin street?

9. How am I supposed to know what to do? told me about this job.

10. Would please kill the lights? We are starting the movie.

would you care for ... - czy masz ochote na...
to turn it down (up) a notch
- sciszyc (poglosnic) troche
to kill the lights
- zgasic swiatlo

Test 12 / Idioms from Idiom Archives

Translate the following sentences into English. Each of them contains one of the idioms from the Idiom Archives.

1. Dziennikarze w Iraku codziennie ryzykuja swoje zycie. Tak juz jest, to jest wkalkulowane w ich zawod.

2. Zupelnie mnie zbiles z tropu tym pytaniem. Szczerze mowiac, nie wiem jak na nie odpowiedziec.

3. Rickowi sie powodzilo dopoki jego firma nie zbankrutowala.

4. Dobra, bez owijania w bawelne, kto wrzucil rybe do mojej kawy? (z cyklu: Rozmowy w Akademiku)

5. Cos tu jest nie tak! Ta srubka nigdzie nie pasuje!

Test 13

Choose the correct tense for the following sentences:

1. I can't believe that this time tomorrow I to New Zeland!

2. Last night she told the prosecutor that she to Mr. Van der Gall about his connections with CIA.

3. Look at that car going from curb to curb! This guy's crazy! He into that ramp!

4. On October 24, Mr. Jenkins for this company for 40 years!

5. What ? I got lost for a second.


Test 14

Choose the correct word(s)/phrase(s) for the following sentences:

1. her illness she remains very active.

2. Kevin's parents told him not to climb the tree, but he did it

3. a few small bruises, Jay didn't suffer any major injuries.

4. I really want to apply for this job. I think it's a great for me.

5. We will continue to do business with you you change your billing policy.


Test 15

Use the correct modals in the past in the sentences below:

1. I can't find my shades. Oh, I know, I left them in the car [shades = okulary sloneczne]

2. What you is tell your teacher about the problem, you wouldn't be so stressed now.

3. Ben met Grace. When he moved here she had already left for Brazil.

4. Remember Derek? You met him at Linda's wedding.

5. Think for a second. done it in a little more efficient manner?

Test 16

Replace one letter in each word to create a new word. The letters that you replaced will form another word which you will have to descramble.

Zamien jedna litere w kazdym z podanych slow tak, aby utworzyc inne slowo. Litery, ktore zostaly wymienione na inne utworza dodatkowe slowo, ktore bedziesz musial/a rozszyfrowac (tzn. ulozyc litery w poprawnej kolejnosci).

spit - new word: spin - letter that was replaced: T
rat - new word: cat  - letter that was replaced: R
slip - new word: slim  - letter that was replaced: P
rack - new word: rock - letter that was replaced: A

The four letters T - R - P - A will form either the word PART or the word TRAP. Got it? Ready, steady, go!

yellow - replaced letter
aunt - replaced letter

code - replaced letter
skin - replaced letter

couch - replaced letter

The new descrambled word:

Test 17

Match the beginnings on the left with the word(s) in the middle and the ends on the right.

1. Could you be just a bit more
2. What we don't know yet is why the killer
3. Are you trying to convince me that
4. There has to be a more
5. None of this makes
6. Is that what we are
7. Wouldn't it be great if we could
8. What is your honest opinon
9. It's not that I don't understand
10. Some teacher you are,

efficient way
just relax
you can't
on the 
decided to
this kind of 

A. and forget about all of our problems?
B. philosophy. I just happen to disagree with it.
C. sense to anyone here, so why don't we just drop it?
D. It would help me a lot if I could see a detailed plan.
E. to solving this problem.
F. even explain simple things.
G. leave so many clues behind.
H. U.S. involvement in the Middle East?
I. is actually good for me? 
J. to be doing with these containers?

Test 18

Choose the best phrase to replace the Polish part of the sentence

1. We (rzadko kiedy) discuss politics at work. There's just not enough time.

2. Your son is (niezle ziolko) !

3. Mr. Petersen is going to (przejac) all the responsibilities starting tomorrow.

4. We have to find out if his disappearance (mialo cokolwiek wspolnego z) the theft.

5. (Obojetnie) what you may think, I still believe this game can be won.


Test 19

Change the following sentences to Passive Voice (strona bierna).

1. The Academy is going to announce the nominations next month.
The nominations
next month.

2. While our dad was painting the bedroom, we were relaxing in the backyard.
We were relaxing in the backyard while

3. They've informed me about their plans concerning the market expansion.
concerning the market expansion.

4. Is someone helping you, sir?
, sir?

5. They will deliver it to your door, don't worry.
, don't worry.

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